While able to prepare fast-food for yourself, cutting your own hair is another story:


For customers... We're here to provide more selection - and transparency in the market. For hair dressers.... we're here to bring new customers and getting increasing customer-service to make increased sense.

We are a young team, with a number of people helping out with different things, whenever they have time. We are all hard-working individuals. We dont carry briefcases, pretend to be something we're not or make promises, we cant keep. Objective here is to provide hard-working service for real hard-working people.

We want to offer something for everybody.

For hairdressers we offer exposure and online booking.

For customers we offer ability to getting familiar with hairdressers and their specialities. Discounts and return-customer advantages will only be visible, when you're logged in. So you're encouraged to create a profile.

For us personally, we just want to setup a platform, where we can offer various services - some for free - others for a modest fee. Many hairdressers share some of the same needs. Using a common service, which pool ressouces to meet common needs, will simply be most efficient/economical for everybody.

Meet The Team

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Alex'Mission control'

Responsable for server setup and artistic web design

---- ------Server setup

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---- ------Design

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---- ------Business Management

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